Winner of iF Product Design Award 2014 – Tornos SwissNano by Sardi Innovation

SwissNano is an automatic turning machine requiring the smallest footprint market-wide. Unhindered access for the operator is ensured through the Frontal Design and the Ergonomy, allowing to use the entire working area from a 180 degrees angle.

With the aim of creating a new category of machine, the SwissNano Design stands out resolutely against other products. With its esthetics and practical aspects it is appealing to the young, upcoming generation of precision engineers, where an emotional touch to ones working environment becomes a decisive asset. This is supported by the integrated and wireless monitoring and programming capacities through a tablet.

Tornos SwissNano, lathe , Sardi Innovation, iF design award

Tornos SwissNano by Sardi Innovation – Winner of iF Product Design Award 2014

The micro and nano precision specialist

The SwissNano was designed to meet the demand for small workpieces requiring very high precision. For example, its kinematics enable the machine to produce two thirds of watch movement components, from the simple to the most complex,including cutting ,with excellent finishes. Its capability extends beyond horological applications to include any type of workpiece requiring extreme quality and precision. The SwissNano kinematic has been specifically studied to produce small parts of highest precision. The symmetrical cast iron base gives the machine an outstanding rigidity which allows to obtain excellent surface finishes.

SwissNano easily adapts to the user’s needs and in option can also be fitted with the following equipment:

  • HF spindles
  • Carousel collection system
  • Vacuum
  • Fire extinguishing device
  • Oil mist extractor

Tornos, SwissNano, lathe, Sardi Innovation, IF design award winner

Tornos SwissNano lathe Sardi Innovation iF design award winner

Thanks to its intelligent design and reduced size, SwissNano fits the space of a Tornos M7 cam machine in your workshop. What is more, you only need a width of 3.2 meters for 3 SwissNanos, whilst the equivalent competing numerical control machines take up more than 5 meters. This will help you increase your productivity and reduce costs.

Tornos SwissNano, lathe, Sardi Innovation, iF design award winner


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