reddot 21- Award Winner 2016 – Strausak – W-Dress by Sardi Innovation

reddot 21, Strausak, Wdress, W-dress, Sardi Innovation, design team

reddot 21, Strausak, Wdress, W-dress, Sardi Innovation, design teamreddot 21, Strausak, Wdress, W-dressThe reddot 21 award winner W-Dress, it’s a dresser conveys innovation and classic brand values at the same time.

W-Dress is a manual wheel dresser. Ergonomically studied to have three-side accessibility, natural light, three-side visual access, intuitive operability, a quick setup, a customizable wheel interface and easy-to-open projectile protection makes the dresser perfect and safe to use in big industries and in small working ambiences. Thanks to an integrated exhauster and smart cover, this machine is able to keep clean working environment.


  • Grinding wheel dressing machine for dressing single wheels or multi wheel packs.
  • Featuring new adjustable mounting cross table, lengths and diameters.
  • Accessible work area which can be accessed from 3 sides by simply lifting the hood.
  • Individual spindle speed settings and oil drops lubrication bring the dressing results to perfection.
  • Clean workshop environment due to innovate integrated dust evacuation.

W-Dress, Strausak, Design Team, Designer, reddot 21

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